Uptown Top Ranking

Check out our new location inna brand new spot in the heart of SD. Tribe of Kings Original Sunday Night Dance… Since 1998. 100% Reggae Vibes with all ToK Sound Selectors featuring Jester, Peril, Dash Eye, Unite & Rashi.

21+ / 9:30pm – 2:00am / 3112 University Avenue / North Park, San Diego, California

3 Responses to “UPTOWN TOP RANKING”

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  2. […] UPTOWN TOP RANKING 3-15-09 As always, the vibes were nice, and the heat was on… For more info on our Sunday Night Dance CLICK HERE […]

  3. anthony straughn Says:

    Loving the positive vibes your sending thew out the nation jah bless. Me and two of my breadrens are starting a roots band I’m on the keybord and my drumer is pretty good and are bass is on point also so were looking for any support thank u for being their irie ites jah bless

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